Grandma's Hands

At the window, little taps of rain

Inside, inside for yet another day

And so Grandma gets up to her old games

And makes us food for hunger’s sake

While we watch old cartoons again

And she brings up popcorn and ice cream

And little sandwiches made with love

And tells us if we do our best

the rest will be done by god above

And says we’re here favorites with eyes agleam

And then off she goes, cleaning the house

Doing laundry and ironing our pants

For mass tomorrow, we go each week

She oils the antiques and waters the plants

While the day is saved by Mighty Mouse

When the rain stops, into the sun we escape

Into the gravel pit, we run and play

But on the concrete driveway, my knee I scrape

A bandage and a kiss take the pain away

Her gentle hands, they keep us safe