Eyes open

Time stretches before me

What has changed in one hundred years?

What will change in one hundred more?

People hold up their fear with eyes closed

People hold up their pain with eyes closed

The light is too bright when you open your eyes

When you’ve had them closed for so long

You pretend you were born to live in the darkness

You pretend you are asleep, waiting for the next alarm

Eyes open

Eyes close

Eyes open

Eyes close

Blink, and you’ll miss it

Blink, and it’s gone.

I know you were meant to live in the light

I know you are awake

Wake up. The new day is here.

Wake up. The sun shines through the clouds, through the rain, through the fears and the pain.

The sun shines, and you pretend you are asleep

So that you don’t need to rise

Lay in bed then, and I will rise,

Ready to meet the past

Ready to meet the future

Eyes open