Wandering With You

I have found my way alone

And found you near a cold moonstone.

So come, let us get lost together

And we will sing a strange duet

While walking paths our feet forget

But our fearless hearts remember.

And our rhythm has grown stronger,

Our secret lyrics are words no longer,

As our bodies get lost together.

As we drink from each other’s wells

And become enchanted by the other’s spells

Not speaking what our sinful hearts remember

Our song has grown more stranger.

Our notes diverged when we found danger

And as our centers got lost together.

Now our chorus starts to depart,

Though we know each line by heart,

With pain our jaded hearts remember.

And now again, I am alone

And left you near a cold moonstone,

Our stories forever lost together.

Our bodies entwined for one last time

While we have forgotten each other’s rhyme.

Sweet moments only timid hearts remember.