I Used to Believe

I used to believe in a man in the skies

With a voice that decides who lives and who cries

But I buried him with questions after she died,

Buried the coffin filled with his lies.

I used to believe that I had ancient past lives

That I was magus, and knight, and slave in disguise

In a new age with chains wrought of time

Without any judge for to confess my crime.

I used to believe that figments of mind,

Cartesian demons, rendered me blind

To the people around me, wool over my eyes.

Singular existence, uncompromised.

I used to believe the sun didn’t rise

That this flat ground we walk around flies

Through space on an axis twenty three point five degrees

That wobbles and bobbles through heaven with ease

I have believed in many things in my time

From dragons and dinosaurs to the supremely sublime,

But to give rise to sense or the truth surmise,

All things, I must believe, are well preserved lies.